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Does this service really work? Read a recent Inman News story about our service.

Since 1999 our Nationwide Network of Flat Fee MLS Brokers
List Homes in the Realtors MLS for $199-$499 and
there is No Hidden Listing Commission !
List your home in the Realtor's MLS for a REAL Flat Listing Fee of just $199 to $499 instead of paying a listing commission.  Get the Local and National Exposure provided by the Realtors MLS for about HALF PRICE.  Prices & terms vary by geographical area.  We offer the BEST DEAL available in each area, NOT the same price Nationwide.  Select your State for details.
This is the same Realtor's MLS other Brokers charge a 6% commission to list your home in.  Why pay a Listing Commission when Listing Agents sell their own listings only about 5% of the time?
Offer Buyers Agents a commission (normally 2 to 3%) paid at closing ONLY if they find the buyer.
There is No Hidden Listing Commission!  Your Listing Broker does NOT get any listing commission.
Keep the option to sell your home yourself and get the Most Exposure on the Internet.  This means about 1 in 4 of our customers find a buyer FSBO Before the Realtors find a buyer for them, so they AVOID paying the Buyers agent commission also.  Taking REAL advantage of the FSBO Option not only increases your chances of avoiding the Buyers agent commission but it also Increases the probability of getting the BEST PRICE possible for your property.
Your Order Confirmation includes a link to complete the MLS Listing Forms Immediately.
The Listing Broker will complete your MLS listing in just one to two business days after your MLS Forms are completed. 
Order online in Minutes or print a fax/mail order form and you can complete the MLS Forms Immediately after you order.
The Realtors Flat Fee MLS Listing service is included at a Special Low Package Price in our Hybrid FSBO-MLS Listing package which includes Our High Traffic FSBO ad, and a FREE Yard Sign.

Does this Flat Fee MLS Listing Service Really Work?
Recent News Story From
Copyright 2004 Inman News

Some other companies offer what SEEMS to be a Flat Fee Listing service but in fact they contract to keep some of the contingent sales commission for themselves so the Buyers Agents are actually being offered LESS commission to sell your home than they are being offered to sell other homes on the market, this means that those Buyers Agents may NOT SHOW YOUR HOME!

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The Details about This Hybrid Marketing Method

With this marketing plan home owners pursue marketing their homes or land through the Realtors MLS and FSBO Advertising at the same time.  This is accomplished by reserving the right to sell the home yourself and avoid Selling or Buyers agent commissions in your Listing Agreement.  We offer these Realtor Flat Fee MLS Listing Package Deals in coordination with FSBO Friendly Local Realtors all around the country in order to combine the benefits of this new marketing method with the normal FSBO marketing strategy.  The result is a Powerful Marketing Plan which offers sellers a Lot of Flexibility at a fraction of the cost of most Discount Realtor Listing services.

2BuyHomes™ does not own or operate the Independent Licensed Real Estate Companies who will provide the MLS Listing feature included in these packages.  An experienced Licensed Real Estate Broker serving your area will be providing the MLS listing services according to the Listing Contract you will enter into directly with them in connection with ordering this service package.

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Popular Coverage Areas
Details about the Realtors Flat Fee MLS Service


Alabama - Service for Birmingham & Mobile areas.

Arizona - Phoenix - Service for Phoenix and surrounding areas.

Arizona - Tucson - Service for Tucson and surrounding areas.

Arkansas - Service for Little Rock and the entire State.

Bay/Central & Northern Areas - Sacramento Area - Service for most areas.

LA - SanDiego - Orange County - Other Central Southern Areas Service for most areas.

Colorado - Service for most areas.

Connecticut - Service for central and western state areas.

Florida Flat Fee MLS - Service for Most areas including Daytona Beach, Miami, Orlando, Pensacola, Tampa, and Tallahassee areas.
Jacksonville - Service for Jacksonville.

Fort Meyers, Sarasota, and the Keys - Service for most areas.

Georgia - Service for Atlanta and most Central Georgia areas.

Georgia - Service for Athens, Agusta, Ellijay, Jasper, Savannah & Other Georgia areas.

Hawaii - Service for most areas.

Idaho - Service for Boise and surrounding areas.

Illinois - Service for Chicago and Northeastern Illinois areas.

Kansas - Kansas City and Wichita Areas.

Louisiana - New Orleans MLS and Surrounding Areas.

Louisiana - Baton Rouge MLS and Surrounding Areas.

Maryland - Service for most areas.

Massachusetts - Service for most areas.

Michigan Flat Fee MLS
Detroit & SouthEast Michigan MLS - Service for Southeastern Michigan areas.

SouthWestern Michigan MLS - Service for Southwestern Michigan areas.

Minnesota - Service for All Areas.

Mississippi MLS - Service for the Hattiesburg & Biloxi Areas.

Missouri Flat Fee MLS
Kansas City Missouri MLS - Service for KC, Springfield, and the Mineral areas.

St Louis Missouri MLS - Service for all surrounding areas.

Montana - Service for Billings & surrounding areas.

Nevada - Service for most areas.

New Jersey - Service for most areas.

New Mexico - Service for most areas.

New York
New York MLS - Service for most areas.

Buffalo-Niagara MLS - Service for the Buffalo-Niagara areas.

North Carolina - All Areas
Charlotte Area - Service for most areas.

Raleigh-Durham-Chappel Hill Areas - Service for most areas.

Portland, Eugene, Other Western State Areas - Service for most areas.

Willamette Valley area. Salem and surrounding area.

Ohio - Service for most areas
Cleveland, Akron, & Canton - Service for Cleveland, Akron, Canton and surrounding areas.
Cincinnati - Service for Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo and surrounding areas.

Columbus - Service for Columbus and surrounding areas.

Oklahoma - Service for most areas.

Philadelphia & Eastern Areas

Pittsburg & Western Areas

Rhode Island - Service for most areas.

South Carolina - Service for Charleston and most other areas.

South Carolina - Service for Greenville, Spartanburg, and surrounding areas.

Central & Eastern Areas

Memphis Areas

Austin - Service for Austin and surrounding areas.
Dallas-Denton-Fort Worth - Service for Dallas - Denton - Fort Worth and surrounding areas.
Houston - Service for Houston and surrounding areas.

San Antonio - Service for San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Utah - Service for all Central and Northern areas.


Northern Virginia Realtor MLS - MRIS .

Richmond & Virginia Area Realtor - CVMLS .

Washington DC - All areas.

Washington State - Service for Seattle - Tacoma and western Washington State areas.

Washington State - Service for Spokane, Bellingham, Tri-Cities, and Yakima areas.

Wisconsin Realtor MLS - Most Areas Covered.
Milwaukee Realtor Flat Fee MLS - Service for Milwaukee Wisconsin and surrounding areas.

Madison, Green Bay Realtor Flat Fee MLS - Service for Madison & Green Bay Wisconsin and surrounding areas.

Twin Cities Realtor Flat Fee MLS - Service for Northest Wisconsin Twin-Cities Suburban Areas.

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