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Home Selling - Sellers Tools Summary - Our Home Selling Services

  • FSBO Advertising Options, review the terms and prices of our FSBO Advertising services, then you can either register online or print out the forms to fax/mail in.
  • List Your Property FSBO, list your home for sale by owner online NOW. The ad is Instantly published.
  • Edit Your Listing, instantly edit any of your FSBO ad information anytime, add additional information, change or add new photos, or place an order to renew your ad online.  You can also access your Traffic Stats there.  We offer the Most Comprehensive Statistics and Administrative Tools available on the Internet.
  • Yard Signs, professional for sale by owner real estate yard signs.
  • Flat Fee MLS, review the details of the Realtor Flat Fee MLS Listing Service Option for your area and either order online or print out the forms to fax/mail in.  It is the Sellers OPTION if you want to use the Realtor Flat Fee MLS at the same time you are also marketing your home For Sale By Owner in order to increase your exposure.  Please notice that we offer a Flat Fee MLS Upgrade GUARANTEE, any advertiser can apply the price paid for our FSBO ad to the price of our Hybrid FSBO-MLS package if you later decide you want to use that option.
  • Customer Service & FAQ , find immediate online answers to frequently asked questions, tips on how to optimize your photos, information about how to use your ad as a more effective marketing tool, and technical information about using our web site.
  • LIVE Customer Service, contact us 7 days a week for LIVE assistance.
  • Featured Homes, review some Featured Homes for sale by owner ads so you can see how yours will look after you complete it.

We have below a general discussion about Marketing Your Real Estate, an examination of how the realtors market real estate, a discussion of a relatively new Hybrid MLS - FSBO Marketing plan, and a discussion about just where and how FSBOAdvertising can be of assistance to you in your marketing efforts.  We also have Articles by Real Estate Professionals discussing an assortment of home selling issues.  Selling your own home is a serious effort that requires developing your own marketing plan, getting prepared to sell your home, then executing your plan.  These Information Resources can go a long way toward getting you started off in the right direction, at least they can highlight some of the critical home selling issues you will need to consider and resolve for yourself.  Have you considered using a FSBO Magazine?  There is also an Interesting Collection of "How To" Books on subjects ranging from Which Home Improvements "Pay Off Best" to the various Legal Issues involved in selling real estate at The Online Store.

Visit our Directory of Real Estate Service Providers to find the "FSBO Friendly" providers of the various services you may need in the process of marketing your home and then closing your transaction with the buyer.

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Home Selling - For Sale By Owner Marketing Strategies

Selling a house takes a good plan, a commitment to that plan, and the patience to let the plan work, to successfully sell your own house you need all three elements.  Selling a house usually does not happen "right away".  If you go into the effort expecting to call a realtor if you do not sell your home right away, why not just call the realtor today and save yourself some wasted time, money, and aggravation?  Let me ask you, how many home sellers tell their realtors, if you do not sell my home right away then I'll go sell it myself?  Not many is the answer, and that is one reason why the realtors method consistently works pretty good is because when the seller embarks on it the seller is normally committed to the marketing effort whether it takes 30 or 180 days.  If you are not committed to selling a home yourself, you probably should not try.  Put simply, if you are not committed to the effort, regardless of the quality of that effort, it is really of no consequence whether your plan is good or poor, the general likelihood of success (excluding the "luck" factor) is relatively low.

The realtors keep all property in front of all buyers all the time with their   Realtors  Co-Op known as MLS.  The MLS Data base is there for all realtors to work on when someone calls them after seeing the realtors phone # on a yard signs in your front yard or an any ad that realtor had run.  The consistency of keeping the property in front of the buyers all the time and the breadth of its presentation to the buyers such that most buyers have every day access to it are the essential elements of this Realtors Co-Op. 

Never underestimate the marketing value of your yard sign.  The real estate sign itself is probably the single biggest seller of property, the only question is "whose property" does the yard sign sell.  Combined with your FSBOAdvertising advertisement, your yard sign and all our other advertiser's yard signs are a potent element of your advertising plan.

Home Selling - MLS Listing Alternatives

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Consider a third recently available alternative.  This alternative is sometimes called a Realtor Flat Fee MLS Listing Service. We call it a Hybrid FSBO - Realtor marketing plan.  The property owner literally pursues both methods of marketing through the Realtors MLS and FSBO simultaneously.  This can be accomplished several ways, in each case the MLS listing agreement will specifically reserve the right to sell the home yourself and avoid Selling or Buyers agent commissions.  

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